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31 Days of Self Love: A New Habit

31 Days of Self Love

Day 3: What good habit do you want to begin this month? 

Good habit?

Well what’s the fun in that? Damn.

I wish it just said habit…full stop. Because then I think I’d take up something terrible or ridiculous. Like smoking pot before bed every night. Or sleeping with a different man every night. Or calling in sick to work every day for a month so that I can binge watch crappy television.

Now THAT sounds like some fun.

But GOOD habits? That souuuuuuuuuu…oh sorry, I dozed off.

Drink Water
Do Yoga
Long Walks
Call People I Haven’t Talked To
Save Money
Tidy the House Every Night
Write in My Journal
Balance My Bank Account

Blah blah blah. Of course I need to do these things…but I also need to do some bad stuff now and then. Right? Please for the love of God…someone tell me I’m right? 🙂

Okay Okay. I’ll drink more water every day but only if I can also drink whisky every evening all month long?


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