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31 Days of Self Love: Body/Personality Love

31 Days of Self Love

Day 7: Name one thing you love about your body and one you love about your personality

I love my hands. And I love how I can listen through the first layer of noise.

Both of these beloved traits are for touching others.

My hands take babies from tired mamas for rocking. And my listening allows those same mamas to say how tired they are and for me to hear uncertainty or fear that they’ll never be the woman they were before again.

I listen to people who are afraid their careers will never go where they want them to. And my hands type messages of recommendation or introduction in order for them to push to the next level or opportunity.

I have reached my hands across the table to hold other hands as tears of grief fall. And I have listened as souls pour out the deep things about daddies, husbands, lost babies, friendships ended, dreams crushed.

I’ve heard the words of loneliness, love, and desire. Then used my hands as tools for caressing, comfort, and strength in the dark.

My hands and my spirit are vessels. They hold. With the gentlest touch, I hold space. Sometimes that is by holding heart space. Sometimes it is by rubbing shoulders.

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