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31 Days of Self Love: Indulging

31 Days of Self Love

Day 17: When was the last time you indulged yourself and how? 

The easiest thing to say would be to talk about the last time I treated myself to a spa day or something. But this question goes to something deeper.

My life in Seattle included a really good self-care plan crafted over many years. To survive the hours I worked at Amazon, I cultivated a practice of regular massages, acupuncture, restorative yoga classes by the water, therapy, lashes, chiropractic work, writing group, etc. It was all very much a part of what kept me sane and in my own skin during the long winter work season. I knew how to practice the careful acts of kindness towards myself.

Moving to Stockholm and then Berlin, I have lost these practices and the ease with which I could schedule them into my life. Here, it is much more complicated to schedule and act on these seemingly small things. So I have had to find other ways to honor myself and maintain my own balance.

Last week, something snapped in me that said “I cannot do things that I do not want to do for one more minute.” So I skipped a work dinner that I just couldn’t bring myself to attend. I chose to drink an Old Fashion in the hotel bar and then order room service. It was that easy.

Indulging myself means protecting my headspace, my heart, and my spirit. And that can be big self care plans or it can be choosing what I want over what I feel obligated to do. Each time I choose to write over answering email or choose to be alone over going to a party I don’t want to attend and other similar options, I choose me. I indulge myself. I make room for me.

And everyone is better of for it…though the truth is in this case, I’m only concerned that I am better off for it. 🙂

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