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31 Days of Self Love: Labels

31 Days of Self Love

Day 30: What traits (negative or positive) do you assign yourself? 

I hate labels.

For years, I was a Preacher’s Kid (aka PK). I have been single. I have been engaged. I have been fat. I have been an abuse survivor. I have been labeled as depressed or having PTSD. I have been brilliant. I have been a leader. I have been dynamic.

But seriously…who gives a shit?

The label that most matters to me these days is that I am Leah. It comes with the name. And that label with this spirit can only be about me. And it’s only about me on any fucking day.

No one else can be THIS Leah. No one else can be me on the hard days, the moody days, the amazing days, the joy-filled days. I am Leah on all of those.

One of my favorite authors and life coaches, Martha Beck, once said,

Does any one label encompass you?

If you said yes, consider this: Cells in your body are replacing themselves all the time. The clump of molecules you currently call your body does not share the exact same group of atoms with the clump you called your body a minute ago. Your memories of what happened to “you” ten years ago happened to some other you; most of the particles of your present body weren’t there at the time. So how can you say that your job, your family, your present life are “you” any more than what you had for breakfast is “you”?

I am not what I had for breakfast. And I am not who you define me as. I am not even the same person that I was yesterday…not molecularly, not mentally, not emotionally, and not spiritually.

So take your labels and shove them. I’ll just be Leah. 🙂

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