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31 Days of Self Love: My Team

31 Days of Self Love

Day 23: What does your support system look like? How can you make it stronger? 

These days my support system is mostly half way around the world. I miss them a lot…especially on days like yesterday. I use WhatsApp and Marco Polo to keep in touch and ensure that we talk daily. My family and I have a group chat…as do a group of my girlfriends. I talk to Jelisa and Tanya most days. And I chat with Marilyn and Monique about once per week. And every week I have a therapy session with Ali via video chat.

After a year in Berlin, I don’t have a very robust local structure. I would describe all the things I’m going to do to make it stronger, but it might be bullshit. So let’s just say that I need to work on it and leave it at that. 🙂

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