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31 Days of Self Love: One Thing

31 Days of Self Love

Day 18: What is one change you can make to increase your happiness? 

Improving my routine would be one change I could make in my life that would greatly increase my happiness. I guess that to do that I would make SEVERAL changes, but overall for me, it is about having a routine I can follow.

Don’t get me wrong, I like spontaneity. But I like most of my days to be filled with a routine that can allow me to get enough sleep, spend time being creative, moving in the world the way I want to, and finding space for other people.

Currently my routine revolves mostly around work, eat, sleep, repeat. I then use every weekend to recuperate and be in control of how I spend my days. Which means I’m actually only living 2 days a week…and that is neither acceptable nor sufficient.

I am a person who needs to live every single day by my rules. That means working…because I love to work. But it doesn’t not mean ONLY working….because that is just a fucking unhealthy imbalance.

My commitment to myself is to work on my routine. I think I’ll start by going back to Miracle Mornings since they were very helpful to me in setting my day up the way I wanted. And from there I can add the other things back into my plan.

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