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31 Days of Self Love: Saying Yes

31 Days of Self Love

Day 5: What is something you need to start saying yes to? 

All the things. I need to say yes to ALL THE THINGS!

At least that’s how I felt after reading Shonda Rhimes’ book “Year of Yes” and watching her Ted Talk.

Ask me how I ended up in Sweden? Yup. I was on a “say yes to all the things” kick.

For fuck sake! I ended up in SWEDEN! And for 8 months I felt like screaming “NO! THE ANSWER IS NO.” I didn’t even know what the question was but I wanted to try to reset the balance of the #imovedtoswedenbecauseimsayingyestoallthethings universe.

But no to all the things is also not the answer. Which is how I ended up in Berlin. But I digress…

So what do I need to start saying yes to? That’s the question on the table today?

I need to start saying yes to SOME of the things. Not ALL of the things and not NONE of the things. Some.


Yes to the things that I want to try but scare me.
Yes to the people who want to spend time with me even though I am an introvert.
Yes to things I don’t really want to do but know are good for me.
Yes to the men who say in heavily accented German “Can I buy you a drink?”
Yes to the places in the world that I haven’t been but have hesitated to see because I don’t want to go alone.
Yes to forgiving people who hurt me or weren’t there for me during the hard times.
Yes to assume good intent from people that I don’t want to trust.
Yes to speaking the truth clearly rather than being overly cautious with people’s feelings.
Yes to telling mean people to go fuck themselves.
Yes to building a faith that is a hodgepodge of all the best things I can believe in…no matter what the rest of you think.
Yes to considering going back to school…just considering. See #1 and #3…I’ll probably say yes later.
Yes to dancing in the morning because it makes me feel alive…even though I’m a terrible dancer.
Yes to laughing inappropriately because that is who I am and I’ve stifled it too long.
Yes to reading tarot cards, practicing reiki, and believing in all manner of witchy things…even if it is hocus pocus.

That feels like plenty.
No to bungie jumping.
No to crowded Berlin nightclubs.
No to having someone ask to come into my apartment even after I’ve said goodnight at the front door.

Nope No HellNo…still a perfectly good answer and complete sentence.


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