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31 Days of Self Love: Slow Down…

31 Days of Self Love

Day 8: Where in your life do you need to slow down and take your time?

It would be a blessing and a bodily benefit to me if I would slow down when it comes to preparing food. I used to enjoy cooking and when I was a vegan I had to take extra effort in order to make foods that worked for me. Now I find that, while I still often each veg or vegan at home, I am taking short cuts, ordering in, just making a smoothie.

None of those things is a crime.

But doing it all the time means that I don’t take the time to nourish myself. Eating has become some sort of chore that I need to do and that often…for me…can lead to bad and unhealthy decisions.

My body deserves fresh foods. And it deserves to be cared for with love and generosity. The generosity should extend to the time I spend preparing good and tasty things for myself. I am a good cook. I know what I like and don’t. And I miss the structure of pouring a glass of wine, preparing things for myself, and having leftovers.

Slow down Leah. Slow down and allow yourself to cook and eat. Not doing so doesn’t change that you have issues with food. Going faster only makes it worse, not better. Face it with calm and a slow deliberate pace.

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