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I used to be sure about a lot of things. This is one of the rules of growing up in an evangelical environment. Preacher’s kids from big families and chaotic homes learn early to answer the questions right, fly under the radar, and be very very certain about things.

Shades of Gray

Then life happens and you look around and realize you don’t know much about anything. Now my favorite phrase is “I’m not sure but let’s keep talking.” I also believe strongly in what I call The Power of Knowing One. This is my fervent belief that it is hard to hate, judge, or cast out entire groups of people based on race, gender, wealth, or who they love, or what they call God once you’ve personally and intimately come to know (and love) a person from one of these groups. With The Power of Knowing One we begin to realize that none of us is truly “other” and that each of us is unique, loved by God, and part of a bigger spiritual collective. 

Primary Colors

I believe every single day should be filled to the brim with laughter, gratitude, and love. And I’m doing my best to let those three things guide where my eyes look, what my ears listen to, and the pace of the beat of my heart.

I make my living building teams for Klarna. I know a whole lot about one thing and they pay me to ensure that one thing is done well. I did what I could at Amazon. I followed that up with a year of pure Hell at Expedia. Took a weird left turn for 18 months. And then finally said yes to the Swedes and found myself in Stockholm.  

I am  passionate about a few things including:

  • Books  I read about a one book a week and am generally reading several books at the same time. Often a blend of fiction, spiritual growth, business leadership, and memoir. I keep a list here of the books I’m reading and often write about these books in the Reading Journal.
  • Mentoring  As a youngest child it has been a blessing for me to be adopted by younger men and women (church, work, community) to offer them love, a listening ear, and from time to time advice. The role I usually play is one of friendship and offering a word of encouragement that goes something like “Oh I don’t know what you should do. I’m a train wreck too. But we can pray about it and I’ll buy you a good cup of coffee/beer (ages 21 and up).
  • Social Justice  I have a strong focus on gender equality in traditionally patriarchal institutions like church, STEM jobs, and government. I’m also very invested in the freedoms and liberties of my LGBT friends and the lifting up of anyone who needs hope, a chance, and financial means to make a go at a better life. Today the Church and religious communities are often the last place people turn when life is kicking them or others are keeping them down. I won’t stop shouting until we build spiritual communities that become the FIRST place others turn and a soft place to land.
  • Growth  I believe there is always room for spiritual, emotional, professional, and physical improvement and that we are not doing our best for ourselves, humanity, the animal kingdom, or the world by being stagnant and standing still.

The Rest of the Rainbow

I live in Berlin (after a quick stay in Stockholm), vote in Seattle, am a New Mexican by heart, and am a Californian by birth and upbringing. I’m single (good at getting engaged, bad at getting married), still believe that there is someone special out there waiting for me, often tell stories of my adventures in online dating, don’t have (or want) kids, and am absolutely fabulous (more Patsy, less Eddie). I drink strong black coffee, prefer craft beer, red wine, and have expensive taste in brown liquors. These two, Rose and Malcolm wake me up daily in hopes that I’ll walk downstairs and use my thumbs to open their cat food. 51962_459679996106_231997_o

Please feel free to share your comments and questions on the blog or email me at Leah@LeahFarmer.com

Hope to hear from you!



  1. melanielynngriffin

    Hi – I like your blog. You sound like a soul mate! I want to recommend a book that you might like. I used to think that Jesus “ignored politics,” too, but looking at his time and his culture, it’s pretty fascinating how in-your-face he was in many ways. Check out Brian McLaren’s book, The Secret Message of Jesus. You might like it! And check out my Easter blog – I think you’ll like that, too!


    I stumbled on some comments you made on a Freshly Pressed blog and loved the name of your blog. As I say, very sypmatico w/ my beliefs. Blessings-

    • hippychristiangirl

      Funny…I have a copy of McLaren’s book and just haven’t gotten to it yet. His book “A Generous Orthodoxy” really turned things around for me and started me thinking in a new direction.

      Enjoyed your Easter list! Thanks for sharing. Let’s keep track of one another. 🙂

      • melanielynngriffin

        I think there’s a chapter in the book about the political Jesus or something like that. I know, I loved Generous Orthodoxy – he is an amazing thinker (and all around good guy)!
        Thanks for following my blog!

  2. peterjfoster

    Hello Hippy Christian. Just thought you’d like to know I came upon your site and found it very fresh and positive. Liked they ‘groovy’ graphics/theme. Bless you with lots of joy and love.

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