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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

I realize today that perhaps my inability to connect with the spiritual is due to my lack of focus on gratitude for the past month. I’ve been struggling at work. I’ve been struggling to work out. I’ve been struggling to make time for writing the other half of my book.

Underneath it all has been an interesting flow of frustration and anger.

But…I know this is mine to take on. Mine to deal with. Mine to challenge myself to rise above.

I am grateful for self-awareness and internal reflection.

I am grateful for eyes that can read and see others and look at myself with honesty.

I am grateful for health.

I am grateful for friends who stand by me even when I have an undercurrent of anger.

I am grateful for a paycheck.

I am grateful for coffee.

And I am grateful that God is patient and that she’ll wait for me to find my way back to her through this haze.

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