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Friday, April 10th, 2015

Bathroom sink moments

There is a woman at work who has this horrible habit of looking the women she sees up and down and judging them with her face. For three years it has bothered me. She is sour and hard to like. Today at the bathroom sink she did the up and down thing and for the first time I didn’t feel judged. I felt sad for her. The tide has turned and I do not dislike her…but I also do not intend to fall into her trap of judgement ever again.

Moments of agreement

Every month I feel like writing the business review for our VP is a battle. The guys on my team ignore my efforts. Treat what I write as though it hasn’t been written. Dismiss my pleas for this not to be done last minute. And then we always..ALWAYS…end up in a disagreement at the last minute that drives me batshit crazy. This month was not different. The difference was I decided not to care. I decided to let it be and turn in crap if that’s what the team wanted to do. And when at the last minute they wanted to engage and be interested, I let them. No resentment. No anxiety. No changing my weekend schedule to meet their last minute urges.

Dinner moments

I had dinner with a new friend named Gail. Most people don’t know the anxiety I have in my head in situations where I’m not entirely sure a person and I will have enough to talk about. It rarely turns out to be a problem and is almost always just craziness in my head that drives the whole thing. Anyway…dinner was lovely. I’m grateful for a new friend…and intelligent, book loving, theologian friend. 🙂


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