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Friday, February 21st, 2014

Coffee Chat

Had coffee with a coworker who’d like me to join his team. It was interesting and it’s always nice to be wanted. Don’t know that it’s the right move for me but grateful to be considered.


I had a little meltdown today at work and in the face of my meltdown the people around me hovered. I don’t handle being “handled” very well and told them to stop. They did. I left. I then felt the need to apologize. I appreciate their kindness in accepting that I’ve been pretty stressed out and had reached some sort of emotional stress limit.

Understanding Friends

I left work a bit early feeling sick to my stomach. I think now it was a combo of lack of sleep, not eating enough, and stress/fatigue. I told my girlfriends I needed to beg out of our plans. It was the LAST thing I wanted to do but I couldn’t bring myself to get moving in the direction of getting dressed and going out. My friends were sweet, understanding, and compassionate. I’m very lucky!

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