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Friday, January 10th, 2014

Monthly Business Review

Every month our team meets with our boss to go over the MBR for our product areas. And every month I somehow never get the report correct. My areas of the platform is super complicated, hard to report on, and even harder to gather metrics about. Finally…I knocked it out of the park! I nailed it! I was able to get the data, the format, and the information correct and I kicked ass! My boss was impressed and I was finally proud of this damn report that has been the bane of my existence!

Drinks and Snacks with Maxine & Jhana

So fun to go out with a new friend, Maxine, and talk about life as a new girl in Seattle. It was super good to also go get drinks with Jhana and catch up on the latest on our love lives, work, and of course share whiskey. I’ve seriously been so fortunate with quality people to spend time with and I continue to be so very grateful!!


So excited that Greebo the kitty came home tonight. Linda and Dave were terribly worried…as we indoor cat owners get…about their old man and I am so grateful that he came home and we can all sleep! Yay!!!

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