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Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Acupuncture Moment

See my regular blog posts about the amazing thing that happened to me today at Acupuncture!!


You all know I’m into Lumbersexuals. And some of you know I’ve taken to asking strangers with beards if I can touch it. Today a guy in Target said “Sure why not”…which by the way is what most men say and YES I look for a wedding ring before asking. (Calm down ladies!). It made me laugh to make him laugh just by asking. And it was soft and contained excellent product.


I bought a really good blender for making smoothies. I have decided to join the rest of the hipsters in the drinking of gross looking green stuff. Furthermore, I can now make killer salsa again (in the food processor attachment) and margaritas (in the giant blender). WOOT!

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