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Friday, June 5th, 2015


I went bowling with Kay and Max today…because we could! I love those two guys so much. They are probably two of the most genuinely kind, smart, and fun men I know. I feel so safe to be my crazy self with them. And I’m grateful that they are men who can be friends with a strong woman. FUN!


I seriously thought I’d never have another circle of girlfriends like what I had in Albuquerque. But I do. I’m lucky. I have a couple different circles. Tonight I ate dinner, laughed, talked about serious and not so serious topics, and drank beer with some of my favorite new girlfriends. So grateful for Monique, Gail, and Dianne!


Not the kind that cheer you on. The kind that blow air on you. Yes and thank you Lord for fans and the inventor of fans.

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