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Friday, March 20th, 2015

Early Meeting

Good meeting this morning with Prentis and team. Grateful for good conversation.

Impound Smiles

In the past I might have been really upset to go get my car out of impound. I didn’t like paying them for a dumb mistake on my part but I was super grateful for how kind everyone was at the lot.

Chakra Meditation and Sound Bath

Went to this sound bath at the 8 Limbs in Wedgewood. During the meditation I was talking to my body a lot. Then during the sound bath as I tried to continue that, my body objected and I had pain in a few places. So instead of continuing to kindly lecture my body…I told it that I accept it and that if pain is something it needs to do, then so be it. Shockingly I eased into the sound bath, went into a deep meditation, and the pain was gone. Thank you body. Thank you.

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