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Friday, March 28th, 2014

Changing Relationships

A good friend has gone from being mentor/leader to being friend. I while I know I can still ask him for advice, I am always more comfortable in relationships where I feel like I’m treated like an equal. It’s a personal failing…but it’s true. And I’m grateful for the ease with which this man has let me move into that friendship space.

Goodbye Cherrylane

So very grateful to walk through Cherrylane for the last time tonight. To be rid of those landlords. To start over somewhere that doesn’t hold as much anxiety, grief, and sadness as that house came to represent in the major life transition to Seattle. Time for something…somewhere…new.

Love and Margaritas

Spent time with Lori and Nicole over some food and some drinks. Catching up. Loving each other. Offering each other unconditional acceptance and blessing!

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