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Friday, March 7th, 2014

Saying Thank You

Today I ran a meeting where several folks from my team asked questions of an industry expert that I’d already answered. I knew they wanted assurances because they don’t know my background but I was irked because this lady is very bright and very busy and I had that feeling that they were wasting her time…AND mine. But she was gracious, patient, and helpful. And I was able afterwards to thank her for being saintly. She laughed and thanked me for being patient since she knows I’ve already told them these things. It was good to be validated but more so to watch her example.

The Fixer

I had an Olivia Pope moment today. Our team was falling into an old pattern of blame and fear. I could see we weren’t getting anywhere. So I stopped them, explained where I thought we were, and then took over the critical elements that need to be done before Monday. It may not be how I want to spend my weekend…but hearing the sigh of relief as the team relaxed was completely worth it. People love for someone to make a decision and that happens to be one of the things I’m good at.


I had to write a document for the team to work on this weekend and my goal was Noon tomorrow. Instead I sat down tonight and hammered out the shell for the team to work through this weekend. I will rest easier now that it is done.


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