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Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Cloudy Days

I am always so thankful for sunshine. But today I am thankful for the clouds and the skies that I woke up to. It is good to have a change and I love the feeling of waking up with really fresh cool air in the room…even if I did have to run to the window and close it to keep from freezing to death. 🙂

Phone Calls

Talked on the phone to a few folks today…each one of them made me laugh about something. I am grateful for hands free driving and talking.


The madness over the Duggars that has been all over social media today was enough to make me crazy. I wanted to blast each story and certainly each person who was talking about forgiveness before the story had been vetted, handled, and the victims had been assured support. I am grateful that over the years my ferocity about this topic and it’s victims has not gone away. I am grateful for the fact that I was going to be sleepless until I penned something to the victims. I am grateful that my heart is still compassionate in this way. I am grateful there are no calluses built up around this topic for me. Thank you!

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