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Friday, May 23rd, 2014


I was all alone in my car for HOURS today. I so needed to be by myself…away from work and home and distractions.


People always wonder why I want to go on road trips alone. There are several reasons I love road trips but one of the best is that moment when my brain FINALLY slows down. Today I was in the car for about 3 hours before it happened. My brain rushes from thought to thought…thinking about work…friends…family…life…men…obligations…etc. And then suddenly after enough singing and enough time, suddenly it stops. And that’s when the good stuff that I NEED to think about surfaces. Ahhhhh….


I was shocked to find that I’d forgotten to take my bowling bag out of the Jeep. Steve suggested that I take pictures with the bowling ball at different venues during my vacation. I am loving thinking about this. 🙂

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