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Friday, May 29th, 2015

Breakfast/Lunch Dates

Had some breakfast and lunch dates with a couple of sweet guys from Amazon. We needed to talk and get some things said. Both conversations were so useful and so different. I am grateful for these kinds of conversations. Healing and life-giving ones…they are a balm to so many shitting discussions over the last 3 years that I’d like to forget.

Knots and Kinks

I had a gift certificate to Spa Vida to use and use it I did. Many were the knots in my shoulders and neck that this lady elbowed and rubbed out. There was pain…but there will be healing. :)

Errands and Chats

On a lark I went over to Nicole’s today to hang out. We ran errands. We sat on the deck. Because I could. That’s why…because I could. Yes!!!

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