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Friday, October 3rd, 2014

The Right Thing

Sometimes…make that always…we must do the right thing. Today I could have opted to do the easy thing but chose the right thing instead. And for that I’m exceptionally grateful.


A younger woman at work thanked me today for what I’d taught her. She said I showed her how to be tough. And that she had never seen anyone own a room like I do. She thanked me. And I remembered one of the reasons I do what I do…because I love the ability to influence and aid.

Dinner with Hans

Sometimes you need to sit across from a friend who is crusty and grumpy on the outside but made of marshmallow goo on the inside. You need to see yourself through his eyes. You need to find grace and remember who you are. Hans is that for me. And I try to be that for him. Grateful for my friend.

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