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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Prayer on the Stairs

I sat on my stairs this morning and talked to Nicole…exchanging things we wanted prayer for today. Opting to be on the phone together like we do on Sundays instead of speaking via mail. It was a lovely exchange of hope, grace, peace, and opportunity. I am blessed to sit on my stairs with kitties around me as I speak to my friend about faith and life. I couldn’t be more grateful for this daily connection to the Divine and to Nicole. Blessing…beautiful blessing!

Meeting with Her

Today Nic and I walked through Earth Sanctuary. I had several lovely and peaceful and spirit filled moments…as I had in my last visit to this beautiful place. I knew I wanted to end at the Dolmen…and that is what we did. And it was GOOD.

Good Fortune

I ate some yummy black eyed peas and greens for dinner. And I already feel lucky! What a lovely tradition. So grateful to be invited to eat this particular meal with my friends the Walters and the Conards!

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