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Monday, April 4th, 2016

  1. I got up at a decent hour and got myself off to work. I haven’t been able to do that since at least last Tuesday so it felt impossible when I thought about it. But instead, I woke up, talked to myself for a bit, and got up. Who knows what tomorrow holds but I’m grateful for today.
  2. For my friend at work who gave me tactical advice followed by real friend advice. For people like that who can tell another human that they see their hurt, still believe in their kick ass ability, say that they love you, and that they want you to be totally selfish for the next 24 hours. That is some of the best advice ever! Thanks friend! I’d share your name but the watchers of my blog at work might come hunting for you. (Yes…you…I know you are reading my blog looking for ammunition…and I don’t care!) 🙂
  3. Therapy. Sometimes paying someone to have to listen to you and mirror back what they are seeing and hearing from you is the only way to calm my mind. Thank you to the best therapist around! So so so grateful for her intuitive nature and her technical expertise.

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