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Monday, August 18th, 2014

Fresh Starts

Instead of making excuses or waiting until some more appropriate calendar date to “get a fresh start”…I just did it today. So grateful that each day is new.


I winked awkwardly at a coworker today. Not on purpose. Just a weird thing to do. And afterwards instead of kicking myself…I told my friends…and we laughed. And for that I am so grateful!


I doubt I’ll ever have all the bizarro qualifications that it takes to be a leader at this crazy company that currently pays for my services. But I can still own a room, garner respect, and speak with authority about what I know…and be honest about what I don’t. It’s become more clear that my skills won’t likely be rewarded in this particular environment…but what is also becoming clear to me is the fact that I am not responsible for that. I am responsible for being the best version of me that there is…and the Universe and God will rise up to meet me in that place. No more worry about being anything THEY want me to be. I’ll focus on what I want to be and know is right for me.

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