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Monday, February 10th, 2014

Good Hair

I may or may not have taken scissors to my hair over the weekend. That is NEVER a good idea but I just felt I need to straighten some things out. I was a little nervous when I did my hair today that things were going to be bad. They weren’t. All was well. 🙂


I got to have a beer with 3 guys I used to work with in Denver. I also got to sit on the other side of the table from them during a meeting. It was a bit surreal. My favorite part of the evening was when DJ said “You are happy. I can see that. You are smiling a lot.” It actually made me pause and think “Yeah…I guess I am pretty happy.”

Just a Face

I’ve struggled a bit with being around a person I had built what I believed was going to be a relationship with. Tonight for the first time I didn’t feel that tug on my feelings. I didn’t even look at him and think about how handsome he is. Instead…I just felt…fine. 🙂

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