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Monday, February 16th, 2015

Hot Chocolate

When the engineer dumped hot chocolate on my WHITE pants yesterday, I am grateful that my response was shock and laughter. The part of me that was already frustrated blessed the entire situation by not showing up as anything other than hilarious laughter. Thanks soul for that. The other option wasn’t pretty.


It took everything in me not to fire off a missile via email in response to one that I received late yesterday. I’m grateful that I did not do it. I’m grateful that I was polite in my response. I’m grateful for enough sense to respond but not annihilate. 🙂

Other Moments

And I’m grateful that in the aftermath of the above email when I was cursing this person out in fury…but of course while I was alone and driving…that I had somewhere to go that wouldn’t allow me to stew over it all. That I went bowling with my friends and laughed and forgot all about this other situation. Grateful for moments of freedom that give you a chance to reset.

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