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Monday, January 13th, 2014


Nearly every afternoon I am at my desk as the sun begins its descent over Puget Sound. And today I was reminded that I had always heard the term Puget Sound in books or on TV and it meant nothing to me. Slowly ever slowly…The Sound is creeping it’s way into my heart. And my heart must expand to make room for The Mountain (Sandia), The View (from Highway 36 as you look across meadows and up to Boulder on the front range of the only REAL mountain range!), Golden Hills that can make me week (think Hollister driving to coast), or The Sand (Honduran beaches and little brown feet). The Sound is working it’s magic and I’m trying to make room for it.


I am daily grateful for the ability to laugh. With coworkers. With friends. Via texts with my best and dearest friends. Over a Skype conversation. Laughter has been my salvation…day in and day out…good times and bad. I’m so thankful that the Divine Force who put gravity in place also loves a good laugh.

Little Shoes

In my mail today are the most precious little brown sneakers bought for the grandson of my dear friend Nicole. They make me grateful for her joy, for the coming breath of little Aaron, and for the health and well-being of his lovely mother.

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