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Monday, January 20th, 2014

Rough Start

Can I be grateful for a rough start? Yes…I can. This day started out with a rough phone confernce with a team that is obstinate to the max when asked for help and was followed by some harsh word from a “friend”. (I use quotes because I’m not sure I can count a person this harsh among my true friends…wait and see.) I am grateful that I could take what these people were offering so early on a Monday morning and be mindful to stay “out of the box” with them rather than join them in a bad and blaming head-space. I may not be able to do it again tomorrow…but I least I know it is possible.

Fresh Juice

I started drinking my fresh pressed juices from Strawberry Moon today and they are DELICIOUS! I like the healthy taste and the massive amounts of nutrients that they help me get into my body. Grateful!

Mindless Fun

After a crazy day, I really enjoyed bowling (badly) and just enjoying the ability to be still and do nothing!


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