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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014


I worked from home today and banged out a ton of work from my couch. I am grateful for a couple more days away from the office…and being able to get caught up on emails and hit the ground running Monday.


Grateful for texts with my sweet friend Amanda. Life can kick you in the teeth sometimes…she and I are both very aware of that fact. But I am so grateful that she clings to peace and has set her intuition this year around the word “NOW” knowing that the Divine Creator who takes care of stuff like GRAVITY without much thought, can certainly step into her grind and create beauty from ashes.


I love the way the word enough is resonating with me at every turn. I posted on FB earlier today that I’d been stressed about a project I was assigned to right before the holiday season. I’ve been stressing about not feeling like I know enough to be of benefit to the team. And yet…today I just started doing the research and realized “Oh…is that all there is to it?” I’d let the one project snowball into a sort of ball of anxiety about several things I’m assigned to and not having a job that allows me to LAUNCH anything. First I stopped myself and said “WAIT…I’m enough. I’ve got this!” And then later my friend Rich said “Leah, you don’t launch things because we constantly give you everyone else’s messes to clean up and you step in and fix things over and over.” I laughed and realized that he is right. As Jen B says “Leah, you are the Olivia Pope of Amazon Payments.” 🙂 I’m a fixer. It’s a skill. I do it at work. I try to do it over the hearts of my loved ones. I try to do it for strangers. And this year…I’m going to be a fixer for myself by trusting in my muchiness…and believing that I am ENOUGH!

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