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Monday, January 6th, 2014


Did a little meditation this morning, some reading, and ate breakfast mindfully at the table before leaving. I was a little late but I am fortunate to have that kind of flexibility. I think I’ve forgotten how much I thrive on slow, productive mornings before work. Need to stay on track with that.


I am so grateful for starting back to my routine today. I love time off but am a creature of habit in many ways. I full recognize and am grateful for the blessing of a having a job. It was not that many years ago that I was fairly certain that following the holidays I would lose my house and have an uncertain future. Now the future is still uncertain…because I’ve learned that it always is…but I have a steady and stable job and I do not take that for granted or treat it lightly. Hopefully this year I will again be able to bless others financially because of my blessing.

Sense of Humor

I am seriously grateful for my sense of humor. The potential to get annoyed at something this evening with the guys from bowling turned into a joke to me very quickly. I am grateful that despite the hurt feelings and unfair treatment that I experienced at the hands of one of these guys, I am able to just roll with it, enjoy the irony of the moment, be a grown up, and laugh. Always always I have found laughter in difficult situations to be a balm…and once again I recognize this gift. I am also grateful for those funny moments and how they can make you realize that you were saved from a bigger problem by not getting what you wanted…unanswered prayers! (And how could two guys I’ve dated being on the same bowling team and becoming friends NOT be a funny moment to walk into tonight? I mean COME ON!!) 🙂

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