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Monday, June 15th, 2015

Easy Morning

I thought I’d lose sleep, not be organized, and rush around all morning. Instead I had time to meditate, pray, and eat my breakfast. I do not like to rush in the mornings. I also do not like to get up early. You can imagine this often puts me at cross purposes. 🙂 Today was perfect.

First Day

Although first days are rarely my favorite…because I don’t like orientations and I have a hard time with long periods of nothing to do…today was nice. Everyone was lovely to me and I felt very wanted and welcome.

Title Change

My new boss told me today that my title might need to change from Director to Technical Advisor. What he doesn’t know is that I have actually said the words “The only job I’m interested in at Amazon is Technical Advisor.” Funny how without even trying or asking, I got the title of the role I’ve wanted for quite some time. It may not make any sense to anyone, but ultimately this is the role that I am best at. It is the thing that I am super good at doing and it is the job I want. It is also a nod to how hard I’ve worked (often for little recognition) to understand the technology that I was responsible for. I’m super excited about this change!! 🙂 Woot!!

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