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Monday, March 31st, 2014

The Big Tears

My BFF and I prefer those big dramatic tears that you just cry while you are going about your life to the ugly, snot running down your face, eyes swollen and horrible sobfest. I cried the former yesterday after crying the latter the day before. The well of sadness I’m drawing from is a bit deep…but the tears help. Tears cleanse even though they don’t repair.


I am grateful for my friends who show up on the darkest of days. Specifically Jelisa and Cheryl. New Mexico and Ireland are lucky to have you!

Pulling a Smile

Tonight I did one of my favorite things…pulled smiles out of a person who is normally stone-faced. Justin, from the team we played is VERY serious (though sweet). He bantered with me quietly as the night went on and I enjoyed the exchange. His wife laughed at our trash talk and I was glad to end such a bad dark day with a smile shared with strangers.

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