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Monday, November 17th, 2014


I laughed today. Really laughed. Especially tonight. I felt my fire light tonight and I was on. I was funny, entertaining, and just enjoying my friends. I felt full of joy. Which is perfect because I’d been thinking about this quote all day!







I went to the gym AND I wrote at the cafe before going to work. Both. I managed to do both. It meant hustling and I don’t have the timing right just yet. But I did both. And that made me happy. I took care of myself AND I created something. Both. Amen!


Early last week someone told me I have a perfect nose. And just when I decided to be proud of my perfect nose…I stopped being able to breath through it. Damn you Karma! 😉 Today I was able to breath through it again for the first time in DAYS! And guess what…it is still pretty perfect for my face. Hahaha!

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