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Monday October 13th through Tuesday October 21st

Gratitude journal got pretty far behind in the last few weeks. Let me summarize…

1. Writing–I’m grateful that I’ve been writing something…even just a small something…every day.

2. Retreat–Spoke at the retreat this past Saturday. So many good things came out of that experience. I’m going to be trying to write them down and also trying to determine the next steps in writing a more developed discussion about Freedom.

3. New Mexico–Got to spend a few days in New Mexico…in the fall. My favorite time of year here for sure. The skies were so lovely. The weather was perfection. And the air…just breathing the air…so good.

4. Family–Spending time with my sister and Sierra was such a huge blessing. It has been so limited these past couple of years that we have to embrace the quality of the time when we have it. So grateful for important and silly conversations blended into communication perfection.

5. Friends–So many years of friendship in one city. So many tears and laughs shared. So very grateful for the faces I got to see these past few days and the conversations I was able to have. I am especially grateful for the force field of love and support from Linda, Jelisa, and Rachel, who sat on the floor at my feet while I spoke Saturday. I felt them in such a real and tangible way. Nerves were blasted. Love was felt. Add to that the fun of seeing so many others including Jayma, Kari, Kat, Linda, Dave, and Pearl and life is blessed!

6. Perspective–Each time I come home, my perspective is changed. I am able to think more clearly and see things as they are.

7. Vacation–So grateful that I have the rest of this week off of work. I so needed this break. I needed to unplug from Amazon and be reminded that it is good to have a good job but also important to remember that it does not define me.

8. Body–For the first time in many months I feel fully alive within my own body. And I’m aware of what I need to do to rest it better, fuel it better, and make better choices. Grateful for my body and it’s constant support.

9. Words–I am so grateful for words…on the page….spoken publicly…expressing love, friendship, joy. I am so grateful for a means by which to express my deepest places. What a blessing we have all been given

10. Hope–I believe…for the first time in a while…that life is rising up to meet me and that there is so much to hope for. I have lovely friends, I have a bill-paying job, I am writing, and I am ultimately valuable, worthy of love and affection, and eager to express my gifts.

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