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Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Free Coffee

I ended up behind a lady this morning at the bakery who was KILLING ME with the slowness of her order. She was slow. I was late. This is a bad combo. I didn’t say anything…though at one point I lowered my sunglasses off of my head and back over my eyes to hide the fire shooting out of them. When it was my turn at the counter, I requested the order I was picking up and asked for a cup of drip coffee. The manager replied excitedly with a smile “OH MY GOSH! Today only, two quiche come with a free cup of drip coffee. Thank you for waiting .” He made me smile for the first time all morning and I was grateful!

Vision Boards

Went to a vision board party at my darling friend Nicole’s today. What a blessing that was!! I am so grateful for time with lovely, awakened women, building a plan for 2015. SO grateful!


As we walked through our vision boards together yesterday, I found at least one moment of direct eye contact with each of the lovely women at this party. I saw them. They saw me. I am grateful.

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