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Saturday, February 15th, 2014


So for almost 2 years I’ve made a ton of fun of the Ride the Ducks busses that go all over town. Today we Rode the Ducks and I did it purposely because I was sure that it would have moments of fun and embarrassment for Kameren and Koryne…and I nailed it! It was so silly and fun!

Tour guide

I loved taking Jelisa and the kids all over the city…Space Needle, Fremont Troll, Pike’s Market…and watching them enjoy the sites and sounds and flavors of the whole day. Seeing Kameren’s posting that he was going to move here made me smile. Such a different world…and don’t we all just need a different world now and then!


Jelisa and I stayed up tonight after the kids went to bed for 5 hours talking. We didn’t realize it was so late when we finally turned in but we so needed to talk. I can’t express enough gratitude to God, the Divine Lady, and all the angels of the Universe for giving me such wonderful friends…and specifically THIS friend who has been my sister, soulmate, and confidant for all these years. Not everyone is so lucky…but I know that I am!

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