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Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Sleeps, snoozes, and snores

This morning there was no alarm clock. There was only a little more light on a dark day entering a room. And the 3 of us in my bed (me and the two furry people who share my bed) took our sweet time moving. We cuddled. We moved around. We found new positions. We spooned. Some of us licked each other. And others of us moves so our bellies could get rubbed. And I…I loved every gloriously warm minute. We three are safe together…and that is a blessing today.

In my own head

I went to acupuncture in my own head. Even as sweet Lynn placed the needles I thought “I’m not going to be able to relax.” And once again…I was wrong. Once again, the heaviness that comes with the needles too me deep. And when I looked at the clock 45 minutes had passed and my ankles was suddenly able to rotate in both directions. You can tell me acupuncture doesn’t do anything…and all I can do in response is shrug at you…because it does something magical for me.


I went out to a local bar with friends to watch the Seahawks game. There is NOTHING like Seattle for watching a football game. Sorry other big cities…I’ve been in some of you but you do not have the same energy as this city. I noticed this even in my first year here when Seattle did not win the Big Game. These people love their team and I have joined them because of their energy…and the colors. 🙂

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