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Saturday, March 8th, 2014


The listing agent for the rental I live in currently came by to get a feel for the house. She was a lovely woman and I imagine I’ll do business with her some day. Near the end of her brief visit she said “I wish you could stage all my homes. Your house is lovely. The only word I can think of is cozy. It’s like a mini retreat from the world.” I smiled. Cozy is exactly the word I love for people to use when they come into the place I live. I’m grateful for the ability to create cozy for those who enter my space and for myself.


The moving company came today to give me an estimate on the move. Two weeks from today my things will be in a new place….HALLELUJAH! I’m grateful for progress in the right direction. I’m grateful that I have enough time to do some important purging of things. And I’m ever so grateful for the $ to have movers do the tough stuff.

Dr. West & Rabbi Heschel

I ALMOST decided to skip going to hear Cornell West speak tonight. My hermit tendencies were strong but I overcame them by telling myself I could sneak out early if it was too many people and too overwhelming. Instead it was like having a conversation with Dr. West about my very very favorite Rabbi, Abraham Joshua Heschel. At one point he said that Heschel isn’t just a theologian…he gets into your soul and infiltrates your heart. And tears sprang to my eyes as I nodded along. Dr. West, saw my response and smiled directly at me and nodded. Heschel was my companion during a dark season of my life a few years ago and I’m so eager to read Dr. Wests book on the man and his impact to our thoughts today.

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