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Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

Compassionate people

I missed my hair appointment today because I had a flat tire on the way. To make matters worse I hadn’t charged my phone so I couldn’t call for help or call Erin to tell her I was going to be late or no make it. The Perfect Storm. I am grateful for the nice man who pulled over to help me by letting me use his phone. He offered to put the spare on…in his perfectly white button down shirt…but I said we should let the mechanic earn his money. 😉 He was so sweet to stay with me until the guy got to me. Thanks Mike…who has daughters my age and hopes someone safe would stop for them. And thanks to Erin for being understanding and kind when I finally got in touch with her! 🙂

A few short steps

I got really sick while sitting in the window at Cafe Ladro yesterday. I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom. I am SO grateful that it was close and that it was EMPTY! Or we would have had a scene and those people would never ever have wanted me to come back. haha!


Had a 2 hour..yup 2 HOUR…massage today. And the place is literally 3 blocks from my house. I am in love with this little neighborhood! yippee!

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