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Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

Red Nails

Every so often, I just really need red nails. They make me feel sexy and alive and happy. It’s silly. It’s trivial. And I’m grateful.

Playing Pool in a Dive Bar

Pretty sure I’ve NEVER said that before! I don’t play pool. I’m very very bad at it. On the other hand, pool is an excellent thing to do on a date because it gives a man license to touch you, move you around, and watch your body…I mean form…no, I mean body. Playing pool in a dive bar where the regulars treat you and your date like alien life forms is even better! Hilarious and fun! And if the beer is tasty and flowing, all the better! And if…just if…your date happens to be a hottie who’s form YOU get to watch..well then…extra blessings!


I am always happy to be kissed well…and often. And today I received both. Gratitude abounds! 😉

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