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Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Shower Pressure

Oprah told me to be grateful for it, and upon reflection I am very very grateful!!!

Liz & Rob

Seriously…Elizabeth Gilbert and Rob Bell gave me so many things to think about today that I can hardly stand myself.


I had a rough lunch line experience and decided I’d forgo food for mental health. As I sat waiting for my friends, they approached with a new friend they’d made in line. The new friend, Jacki, had bought food but already had a salad in her bag. So I got to have lunch after trading my own joy for the line. SO grateful for the intervention of the universe and the kindness of a stranger.


Oprah led us in a vision casting meditation. I found myself encouraged by some elements of my life and eager to take up others. So grateful for this beautiful experience and a chance to clear my mind and make room for new goals


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