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Saturday, October 4th, 2014

October in Seattle

The sun. The crisp air. A sweater. A table on the balcony to do my writing. Yes…that!

My Posse

My Bad PKs made me laugh and reminded me to speak my own truth. They ask me questions that make me think. Make me dig deeper. Make me listen to my own voice. Meanwhile my other chicks make me laugh, share articles, talk about the difficult things, and push me to get my writing to a good place. All of these wonderful ladies believe I can and will show up in some special way to speak at the retreat in a couple weeks…and that gives me confidence and joy.


I finished the 2nd of 2 sermons that I need to speak in two weeks. And I felt the weight of uncertainty lift me up. May the presentation of my thoughts be as smooth as the feeling in my soul to have them on paper.

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