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Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Road Trip

I cannot imagine 3 people I’d rather road trip with besides Jelisa, Kameren, and Koryne…especially after the day in the car with them. We drove. We laughed. We sang. And we jumped out in the rain to take pictures. We were patient with one another and laughed together a lot. I am so grateful that we have the same crazy sense of humor and could enjoy making up stories and just laughing together through it all.

Veg Goodness in Port Angeles

In the tiny town of Port Angeles, WA there is a restaurant that serves Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. This was perfect for what we needed and the food was amazing!

The Vampire Tour

Taking Koryne from spot to spot in Forks to see the scenes from Twilight was so much fun! I really loved it and watching her light up. One of my favorite moments today was when we pulled up outside of the Swan house and all three of us girls yelled “It’s for SALE!” much to Kameren’s chagrin. It was hilarious and so much fun! Gotta love my girls!

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