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Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Back to Normal

I took down the Christmas tree and put the house back in shape today. I like my house back in its normal state and I am looking forward to starting a winter/spring routine again.

What I Need

I’m starting to figure out that the reason I am able to feel more and more peaceful in my life is that more frequently I am accepting that I can just feel what I’m feeling and then I can decide what is best…for me.


Today I talked to three of my dearest friends…two on the phone and one via text. The two on the phone were both in a bit of turmoil and I was able to be a sounding board and encourager. A listening ear. The one via text is half way around the world and all I could do was offer a bit of comfort her nervousness for her child. But these conversations….they are the words of our lives. They bind me to these women. They are little bits of humanity…my tears or theirs…my laugh and theirs…my story and theirs. And for those conversations and so much more…I am grateful oh Mighty Spirit.

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