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Sunday, January 4th, 2015


Yummmmm….learning how to properly mix the right veggies, fruit, and other ingredients is kind of fun. I can see why it’s entertaining and fun to make smoothies. Also they taste good and are filling.


Today my therapist said she was so surprised at how much I was able to speak my truth even as a young child. I told her that it didn’t last past about 7 or 8 but that I think that I’m more like the original sassy version of myself at that earlier age now than I have ever been. She and I talked about what had changed things to make me silent and what had changed things to make me sassy again. We have a direction to take our sessions that I think is going to bring me freedom, joy, and courage. Very excited!

Dinner and Downton

It’s silly but it was a lovely way to spend this Sunday evening…in front of the Christmas tree in it’s last days, watching a show I like, and petting a big orange ball of fur. I’m now ready to give up my night and go back to the real world. 🙂

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