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Sunday, July 12th, 2015


Today I went to Vida Spa and let Andy work out some kinks in my entire body. Damn that man is a god among massage therapists. I only go to see him once in a while because Chandra is my girl and does amazing work. But this guy is something and surprises me with his strength in such a quiet, unassuming frame. He really helped my leg deal with the aches from the achilles injury. Bless him!


I spent most of the day just being with my thoughts. I ate when I was hungry. Drank when I was thirsty. Slept when I was tired. And cuddled the kittens when I wanted company. I needed this day to pull myself back from the brink of the end of last week.


And the end result of a day of “being” is that I’m not giving up just yet. I have fight in me to go back into that place and LEAD. I may start out doing that quietly and letting the others implode a little. But I intend to lead.

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