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Sunday, July 13th, 2014


It was a warm day, spent on my patio, with a glass of wine and a book. And for that I’m ever so grateful.

Always Christopher

Chris called today. From Munich of all places. He’s on a training trip and wanted to talk about his plan to come see me in the fall. I laughed. And I made him laugh. And when he said “When you laugh, you are still the same 17 year old girl I met that first day at Casa de Fruita” all I could do was smile and laugh a bit more. I don’t even know that girl. But Christopher knew her and he remembers her better than I do. His visit is going to be fun. Can’t wait!!!


Stupid Tinder. It’s like online shopping for men. And today it ran it’s course. I can’t do it anymore. It’s so lame and shallow. But it was fun while it lasted and I’m grateful for the entertainment value.

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