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Sunday, March 9th, 2014


I’m very very fortunate to have such a lovely friend in Jhana Bach. We had brunch. We walked through a store. We looked at her sweet car. And despite my sort of weird numb malaise, she is my friend and loves me. Grateful for friendship.

Planning Old Lady Days

Exchanged texts with my BFF…all very private…planning our lives as old ladies. I’m so grateful that no matter who the men are, we have a plan for old ladydome that includes only each other…and moments of love to our children. (Yes…we have children! hahaha!)

Excellent Prose

The sentence structure that Amor Towles puts together in The Rules of Civility is SPECTACULAR!!! And you all know I read a lot of books…but this is SPECTACULAR!!! Grateful for beautiful sentences that make me stop and read them again and again. Yummy!

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