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Thursday, February 12th, 2015


Tangy. Sweet. And oh so purpley blue. Please and thank you for these!


I was supposed to go to acupuncture. My appointment didn’t get made. So I left. Whatever. The end result was I got to go home.


I ran into Rite Aid to buy a few things. The man in front of me in line put his items on the counter. The manager said “Do you have a rewards card?” The man said no and the transaction continued without further delay. When it was my turn, the manager, a man in his mid 40’s asked “Do you have a rewards card?”  When I said no, he asked if I’d like to open one. I replied “No thank you.” He then proceeded to give me a lecture about how a store card will help you save money and that these days we needed to be more careful with my money. He went on and on until the man behind me said “How about I just use my number?” I agreed and he swiped his card. The manager did not relent. As he finished the transaction he told me that those $11 could be part of a tank of gas. Finally I said “I know how store cards work. I understand the rewards. I also (a) get tired of carrying a million stupid cards in my purse and (b) am not super keen on a store I shop at a couple times of year having a bunch of information about me. It’s not cool and I don’t want to do it.” He argued with me about the data and told me it was secure. I said “You mean like the target credit card breach?” He deflected and THEN told me that the card was simple to use and that all my data would be stored on this little black strip…points to the mag stripe like I’m some sort of troll who’s never seen a card before. THAT WAS IT…I said “Oh the magnetic stripe? Yes. I know how data is stored on those. I’ve been in payments and card creation for about 18 years. I know I don’t look 40 or like a man who would understand this sort of thing but I do. Do you want me to explain it?” He shook his head no and I signed my credit card receipt and said “Thank you.” I don’t like to do that sort of thing or be that confrontational…but for the love of God…why didn’t you lecture the dude in front of me? Does his penis make him automatically smart enough to decide if he wants a rewards card or not? I’m grateful that I don’t do or feel the need to do this every day. 🙂

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